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From the time I got my hands on my first cook book at the age of 8, my love of baking blossomed and become my way of life.  Over the years, I realised that my love for this craft was not only in the process of making something delicious, but it was also seeing all the delighted looks on people’s faces.


After a detour through the life of being a full time food scientist, I finally began my sweet journey.  This sweet life has taken me to study the art of pastry in France, then further studies to refine my skills in Brisbane and finally to the big city lights of London where time was spent perfecting my cake skills.  The time spent in London brought along many great opportunities, with the highlights being appointed the head chef of a bespoke bakery, as well as project managing, contributing and food styling a number of their very popular cookbooks.


My new cake life gave me a deeper love for all things sweet.   After returning to Brisbane, I embarked on my new adventure.  Bakeistry is the union of my passion for baking and artistry with the commitment of creating sweet memories for you long after the cake has been cut.


Get in Contact now and lets talk cake!


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