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The struggle is real.

When I finally decided to turn my hobby into a business, I knew there would be some (that's me being naive, more like MANY) hurdles along the way. Anyone running their own business will have their ideas and opinions on how to make it a successful and profitable one. They talk like it's all just so simple to start one up, but let me tell you, it really isn't for someone that has no prior business experience or knowledge...the struggle is real! I mean...where do you begin??? For someone like me who is too logical (so I'm told) and needs to have direction, "winging" it is not really an option. That's probably why I'm struggling to start and others who are more adventurous and willing to take risks have already started.

In Australia, there are different rules and regulation between the states and territories for an at home baking business. Within these states and territories these rules and regulations will differ again slightly, so starting an in home baking business can be quite confusing. In Brisbane, in order for me to sell my products, I must acquire a Food Business Licence from Brisbane City Council. So my plan is to make friends with my local council office and make good use of their hotline 133BNE...maybe I should throw in some cake? Then there is the business side of plans, funding, book keeping, ABN, ACN, Company registration, domain name registration, website building, graphics and branding...the list just goes on and on.

So this blog is me...trying to work my way through this web and documenting all I can. Hopefully, sharing this will help others starting out get through this struggle, just that little bit easier.

Oh...and i'll probably throw in posts of baked goods along the way.

So here goes nothing and everything!

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