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Cookbook fiend

Some people say its a problem, but I like to think of it as a hobby. Collecting cook books is something I've been doing for quite some time now. I did go through a phase of collecting recipes from magazines...but that was quickly brought to a halt after I stopped working at a news agency and maybe because random pieces of paper tucked all over the place are a bit of a fire hazard.

As much as I love new technology, I cannot bring myself to purchase e-books. I love the feel, the smell and the sound of turning pages of a new cookbook too much...I may be guilty on occasion of stroking the pages too. I just don't find swiping an iPad as satisfying as holding the real thing. What I love about new technology, is that it has made buying cookbooks easier and cheaper. I remember when I made my first amazon order all those years ago, my 5 books trickled in over a 2 month period, with some of them making the long trip to brisbane via Germany and then to Sydney before settling on my front step. So you can imagine the postal cost alone, made my "hobby" quite an expensive one.

These days I don't necessarily buy them for their recipes, but more for their photographs. I'm not afraid to say that I do judge a book by the number of photographs it contains. Cookbooks help me gather my thoughts and get inspiration for my what inspires you?

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