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How to get a Food Business Licence?

While I am looking for a building contractor for my upcoming kitchen renovation, I had to make sure I understood the whole process. The last thing I want to do is to miss a crucial step which can delay me getting my food business licence.

The first thing I think that should be looked at is their roadmap. I found this very useful as it gave me a clear pathway of the steps required.

The other useful items I found from their website was the self assessable checklist as this was a good place to check whether there are any zoning restrictions in your area. Any zoning restrictions can stop you from getting a licence.

The local government toolbox is also a great resource for information:

I called the BCC hotline 133BNE several times to ask questions that I couldn't find answers for on the website or in the set up guidelines. They were always really helpful and if they couldn't answer my question immediately, they referred it to a more specialised team. Once referred I always got a follow up phone call within 24 hours.

So the first step for me is to get a kitchen plan approval. So here goes nothing!

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